One of Marc’s first passions was to build things. It’s what drives him to continually take on new projects and grow them to become established corporations—and his track record speaks for itself.

He’s also passionate about producing top-quality work. “There’s almost always room for improvement, so even when I finish a project, I keep working at it to make it perfect,” he said.


An avid art collector, Marc finds art both beautiful and inspiring. “You can never get bored with artwork,” he said. “It comes in so many forms: it can tell a story, it can make a statement, it can put you in a trance or you can simply get lost in it.” This statement perfectly sums up the first piece Marc ever purchased: M.C. Escher’s “Ascending and Descending.”

Marc loved “Ascending and Descending” so much that he wanted to purchase more of Escher’s work. After he had accumulated a few pieces, he began actively collecting art. He researched and purchased pieces as he found them, and as his collection grew, so did his aspirations. Today, the Marc Bell Art Trust supports Marc’s goal of preserving entire collections and sharing them with museums for the enjoyment of future generations.


In addition to his strong mind for business, Marc’s parents instilled in him one of his strongest passions: a deep-seated conviction to leave the world a better place than when we first come into it.

To do his part, Marc contributes both his time and money to a variety of causes. To date, he has donated millions of dollars of his own money, and he encourages others to give whatever they’re able, as well.

Science Fiction

On a more playful note, Marc is absolutely fascinated with the Sci Fi realm. His fascination shows most dominantly in his love for the Star Trek series. “In January of 1977, I joined my parents on a trip to Miami for their work conference,” he said. “I had packed shorts and t-shirts, expecting to spend sunny days at the beach, but when we arrived it was snowing. I was stuck in the hotel with no warm clothes to wear. With nothing else to do, I turned the TV on and got caught up in a Star Trek marathon. I must’ve watched nearly 100 episodes that weekend … and with that, a Trekkie was born.”

His fascination didn’t stop there. Marc has collected hundreds—potentially thousands—of Star Trek memorabilia, making this collection one of his most clearly evident passions. He has actual costumes on display in his home, and a replica bridge command center from the USS Enterprise acts as his in-home theatre.