2016 Miami Haute 100 List
Real-life Daddy Warbucks? Millionaire hosts 70 foster kids in mansion after Irma
Published September 14, 2017

Marc Bell says it takes a village. He apparently believes it, because when the SOS Children’s Village Florida needed a home during Hurricane Irma, he let the whole gang move into his Boca Raton mansion.

Bell said the CEO of the foster children’s program called Monday to say the power was out at the home and that 70 kids and more than a dozen adult caretakers had been kicked out of their shelter.

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2016 Miami Haute 100 List
Millionaire former Penthouse owner lets 70 foster children stay in his mansion full of arcade games to shelter from Hurricane Irma
Published September 14, 2017

A millionaire former adult magazine owner has opened the doors of his mansion to 70 foster children left homeless by Hurricane Irma.

Marc Bell, the ex-Penthouse boss, and his wife Jennifer took in dozens of foster children who had been sleeping on a gymnasium floor in the wake of the catastrophic storm.

The children were allowed to help themselves to the arcade games in the Boca Raton house in Florida and they all sat down for dinner to the sound of a live guitarist after all the girls had been given manicures.

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2016 Miami Haute 100 List
Ex-Penthouse owner takes in foster kids stranded by Irma
Published September 14, 2017

The millionaire ex-owner of Penthouse magazine and his wife have opened up the doors to their sprawling Boca-Raton mansion – taking in more than 70 foster kids forced out of emergency shelters because of Hurricane Irma.

Business tycoon Marc Bell and wife Jennifer came to the rescue after receiving a call from the head of the SOS Children’s Villages Florida earlier this week, saying they’ve been evicted from their shelters and “had no place to go.”

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2016 Miami Haute 100 List
Millionaire Welcomes 70 Irma-Displaced Foster Kids to His $30 Million Home
Published September 14, 2017

Foster children don’t get a lot of breaks—especially in the midst of a natural disaster. But a Florida millionaire has not only given 70 of them some amazing memories, he’s restored our faith in humanity.

When the storm was barreling down on the Miami area, the 70 foster kids at the SOS Children’s Village Florida were moved into an emergency shelter. They spent five days there, but when the storm finally passed, they learned their home was without power—and the kids, who had nowhere to go to begin with, were in a bind.

Enter Marc Bell, a millionaire and board member of their foster care community. Upon hearing of their plight, he opened the doors to his $30 million, 27,000 square foot mansion and took in all of the kids.

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2016 Miami Haute 100 List
Millionaire former adult magazine executive opens mansion to 70 foster kids displaced by Hurricane Irma
Published September 13, 2017

millionaire in Florida has taken in 70 foster children who had nowhere to go after being displaced by Hurricane Irma this week.

The kids had spent five days in emergency shelters in Boca Raton as they braced for the storm. Once it had passed, though, their foster care community was left without power.

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2016 Miami Haute 100 List
Former adult magazine exec opens $30-million home to 70 foster kids displaced by Irma
Published September 12, 2017

The 70 foster kids spent five days bracing the impact of Hurricane Irma in emergency shelters.

But after the storm was over, their foster care community had lost power and they had nowhere to go.

“At noon yesterday, we got a phone call from the SOS Children’s Village Florida saying we need help,” millionaire Marc Bell told CBS 12. “‘We’ve been evicted from our shelters and we don’t know where to bring the kids, and we’re not getting any help from the county, what do I do?’ And I said ‘bring them here.’”

Bell, a former executive of adult magazine Penthouse, is on the board of the children’s shelter. He and his wife Jennifer said the decision was a no-brainer.

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2016 Miami Haute 100 List
Live Long and Prosper in This Trekkie’s $30 Million Florida Mansion
Published July 18, 2017

(Bloomberg) — When Marc Bell listed his 27,000-square-foot Florida mansion in 2014, “it got a bad rap,” he said. It wasn’t the price that did it—$35 million at the time—or the number of wet bars (three), or the pool that was outfitted with an underwater light show; it was the Star Trek–themed home theater. “There are only two rooms that are Star Trek–related,” he said, a note of exasperation in his voice. “And one room isn’t just Star Trek, it’s also sci-fi.” That didn’t stop news organizations around the world from picking up the listing and calling it the “Star Trek House,” but it might have gotten in the way of his selling it. Three years after initially listing the house, in the gated community of Princeton Estates in Boca Raton, he’s dropped the price to $29.95 million, listing it with Nestler Poletto Sotheby’s International Realty, and is bent on emphasizing its non-intergalactic qualities. “The house is Mediterranean in style on the outside,” he said. “It’s very classic on the inside, and the rooms are oversized.” Read more…

2016 Miami Haute 100 List
2016 Miami Haute 100 List
Published April 20, 2016

Marc is the consummate entrepreneur whose career started in the 90s with his first company, Globix: The Global Internet Exchange, which owned 28,000 miles of fiber globally. Today, his firm has investments in more than 160 companies including fashion watch sensation KYBOE!, Nano-satellite pioneer Terran Orbital, and mortgage powerhouse Armour Residential REIT, which has more than $10 billion in assets. Marc is also one of Broadway’s most successful producers where he has won two Tony Awards, one for Best Musical, Jersey Boys and Best Play, August: Osage County. Marc sits on the board of trustees for New York University, Boca Raton Museum of Art and SOS Children’s Villages.

“’Jersey Boys’ Brings You Back: 2005 Review”
Published November 5, 2015

Maybe I should start by listing all the “jukebox musicals” I’ve panned – starting with the dreadful pacesetter, “Mamma Mia!” – just so you don’t think I’m a pushover. But there’s no point in beating around the bush – I had a great time at “Jersey Boys,” the new musical about Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons at the August Wilson Theater.

“What Happens in Vegas Comes to New York”
Published January 15, 2015

Wake up and smell the mai tais, New York. Las Vegas has come calling on you. And it’s on such good behavior, you’d be a churl not to embrace it as if it were a long-lost sibling.

“Marc Bell & Marc Leder Present Alec Monopoly At SLS”
Published December 5, 2014

Miami Beach, FL – December 6, 2014 – It was a total Alec Monopoly take over at the SLS as the swanky hotel commissioned the artist to get them “Basel” ready for the week. On Saturday night, the artist debuted his signature “Monopoly” style on not only cars and the walls, but also the famous larger than life duck SLS is known for. Wiz Khalifa and Michael Bay even stopped by to check out the action.

Star Trek House
“Inside the $35 million Star Trek House”
Aired September 22, 2014

Entrepreneur Marc Bell let Lifestyle Magazines tour the Boca Raton mansion he’s selling. The Bell Estate, also called the “Star Trek” house, features 27,000 square feet, according to Douglas Elliman Real Estate’s Director of Luxury Sales, Senada Adzem.

“Marc Bell Sells Setai Condo For $12M”
Published May 27, 2014

Marc Bell got $12 million for his 35th-floor condo at South Beach’s Setai building, The Real Deal has learned.

“This ‘Star Trek’ Mansion Could Be Yours”
Published May 15, 2014

You could be the next one to take control of the bridge of the USS Bell, provided, that is, you have $35 million to spare.

“A Tech Entrepreneur Is Selling His Incredible ‘Star Trek’ House For $35 Million”
Published May 13, 2014

Marc Bell, a financier, producer, and former CEO of adult networking site FriendFinder Networks (best-known as the corporate parent of Penthouse), is selling his massive South Florida home. At $35 million, it’s the most expensive home ever listed in the city of Boca Raton, an affluent enclave north of Miami

“Trekked-Out Boca Raton Estate For Sale”
Published May 12, 2014

We’re assuming that Marc H. Bell, a financier and two-time Tony Award-winning producer of the plays Jersey Boys and August: Osage County, is a major Star Trek fan. Why do we assume this?

CNN Money
“The Ultimate Man Cave”
Aired August 29, 2013

A 60 game arcade, a Star Trek themed home theater, a military style Call of Duty gaming room and a full bar make up the entertainment area of this Florida home.

“Private Equity Who’s at Golden Networking’s Monthly Networking Gathering”
Published April 16, 2012

Golden Networking’s Private Equity Happy Hour New York City (, Tuesday April 17th, will bring Edgar Perez, author of the upcoming Beyond China and India: The Remarkable Indonesia Story, to help us Discover Indonesia, the World’ Sexiest Destination for Private Equity.

“Penthouse Gets Pious: Christian Dating, Anyone?”
Published May 10, 2008

Christian dating web site’s motto is “Bringing people together in love and faith.” A pointed quote from the Old Testament (“A man will leave his father and his mother and be united to his wife, and they will become one flesh.” Gen. 2:24) precedes the site’s Bible-verse search library.

“”Wedding Singer’: Back to the 80s”
Published April 28, 2006

Mainstream musicals were once inspired by Sholom Aleichem, Thornton Wilder and George Bernard Shaw. In an era when we’ve become far more adept at recognizing brands than genius, though, Broadway is devoting a lot more resources to piggybacking on proven pop success — the oeuvre, say, of Abba and Oprah.

“Too Good to be True; Can’t Take Your Eyes & Ears Off 4 Seasons”
Published November 7, 2005

WE’VE had Buddy Holly, Lieber & Stoller, ABBA, Elvis, the Beach Boys and John Lennon – and now, opening last night at the August Wilson Theatre, we have a bio-musical on that resilient, all but amorphous group, the Four Seasons.

“From Blue-Collar Boys to Doo-Wop Sensation: A Band’s Rise and Fall”
Published November 7, 2005

A rush of vertigo, pleasurable but a little scary, descends around the middle of the second act of “Jersey Boys,” the shrink-wrapped musical biography of the pop group the Four Seasons, which opened last night at the August Wilson Theater. This dizziness arrives during the kind of big showbiz moment (category: The Comeback) that anyone familiar with backstage back stories knows all too well.

“’Boys’ Hits Right Notes in Homage to Valli”
Published November 6, 2005

Two types of jukebox musicals have lured Broadway producers in recent years. The first, represented by the enduring hit Mamma Mia! and the mercifully short-lived Good Vibrations and All Shook Up, seeks to attract aging rock fans by simply reproducing songs they’re already familiar with, linked by a thin and ludicrously contrived story line.

“Technology 100 – The Leaders who will shape New York”
Published 2001

Marc Bell is proof that doing what you love is the secret to success. A self-confessed “computer geek” who wrote his own game program to play Space Invaders on a school computer when he was only 13 years old, Mr. Bell has always enjoyed working with technology.


“CNBC Tours Marc Bell’s Home with Senada Adzem”
Aired 2015 on CNBC

In Florida, there’s a mansion for sale that’s right out of the 23rd century. Tech entrepreneur Marc Bell is a huge fan of “Star Trek.” That’s why his 27,000 square foot home includes a replica of the Starship Enterprise bridge from the “Next Generation” series.

“CNBC Tours Marc Bell’s Home with Senada Adzem”
Aired 2015 on CNBC

In Florida, there’s a mansion for sale that’s right out of the 23rd century. Tech entrepreneur Marc Bell is a huge fan of “Star Trek.” That’s why his 27,000 square foot home includes a replica of the Starship Enterprise bridge from the “Next Generation” series.

Twitter bubble brewing?
Aired November 7, 2013 on CNBC

Former FriendFinder Networks CEO Marc Bell discusses whether the retail buyer should be concerned about Twitter’s IPO. The stock itself has become a product and the company has to deliver, he says.

The Palm Beach Post
“From Penthouse Publisher to U.S. House Candidate?”
Published March 8, 2012

Boca Raton investor Marc Bell, CEO of the company that owns Penthouse magazine, is considering a run for Congress. Bell is registered with no party affiliation but says he’d run as a Democrat.

FOX Business
“FriendFinder Network CEO Sees Opportunity To Grow”
Aired September 13, 2011 on Fox Business

FriendFinder Networks CEO Marc Bell weighs in on company growth and expansion plans.

Bloomberg Business
“FriendFinder’s Bell Sees Penthouse Spinoff in Future”
Aired June 17, 2011 on Bloomberg Business

Marc Bell, chief executive officer at FriendFinder Networks Inc., talks about the company’s operations and business strategy. FriendFinder is the publisher of Penthouse magazine and operator of websites including and

“FriendFinder Networks Makes The Right Connections To The Web, And World”
Published December 29, 2010

FriendFinder Networks Inc., a Boca Raton-based social networking and multimedia entertainment company, operates some of the most popular websites in the world.

Las Vegas Weekly
“Special Feature: Meet Penthouse Mogul Marc Bell”
Published November 19, 2008

Penthouse magazine tycoon owner Marc Bell has arrived in Las Vegas to shake up the Strip as it grapples with the nation’s ever-darkening economic storm clouds!

The Insider
“Marc Bell”
Aired September 29, 2008 on The Insider
“Legends & Legacies: Marc Bell”
Aired May 8, 2008 on WPBF

WPBF’s Kristin Hoke talks to an ‘unlikely’ local entrepreneur, computer visionary and business mogul Marc Bell.

Forbes Business
“Dangerous Curves”
Published March 20, 2008

Former Penthouse editor Mark Healy recalls a heated conversation last spring with his then boss, Penthouse Media Group Chief Executive Marc Bell, who was angry about a magazine item that tweaked a celebrity.

South Florida CEO
“Hardcore Investing”
Published June 1, 2004

Asking Marc Bell about his recent move to acquire controlling interest in Penthouse magazine is like asking him what he had for dinner two weeks ago Tuesday. It’s just another deal for this 36-year-old South Florida financier. But what a deal.

The New York Times
“Mother, I’m The Boss Now; Internet Executives Hire Their Parents And Traditions Fall”
Published July 4, 2000

In some ways Lucille Lee is typical of many people who have cast their lot with Silicon Valley start-ups.

Crain's New York Business
“Top Cats: 25 Players Shaping Silicon Alley (PT. 1)”
Published November 24, 1997

Marc Bell looked out over the vast field of small companies that provide Internet service and figured that he could be different. He turned out to be right.

The Wall Street Journal
“Young Techie Wins Customers With Solid Service, Frankness”
Published February 14, 1997

Mr. Bell is pointing to a rack of computers containing the electronic edition of the skin mag, one of the busiest sites on the World Wide Web.